I think I may have a problem.

You see, I’ve become a bit obsessed with drinks. Hot drinks, cold drinks, alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks, milky drinks, water-based drinks, in fact anything that is wet and is intended to be poured down your throat has me in a bit of a tizzy.

If you haven’t already seen, my name is Tom and I’m a bartender by night and a lover of all things gastronomic by day. The more that I’ve spoken to people about my obsession, the more I realise that there are a few of us out there, and as a collection it would be ideal to give ourselves the moniker ‘Bevonomes’.

In the same way that I’ve seen so many people become passionate about food, whether that be eating at fine dining establishments or just staying home and perfecting their recipe for a light and fluffy lamington, I began to notice that my job was creeping into my home life and I had become somewhat of a perfectionist when it comes to creating the perfect drink.

I was no longer happy to sip on plain water in a glass, but would opt to create a muddle of lime and mint leaves with sparkling mineral water for a perfect refreshing treat. When drinking is something that we do so often during the day – don’t forget 8 glasses of water every day! – I think its a nice idea to turn it into a kind of ceremony where we can take a moment and sit back and relax while really enjoying a beverage rather than just opening a can of soft drink or filling a glass from the kitchen tap.

Of course when it comes to alcoholic drinks, we add a whole other dimension of possibilities and I’m a big believer in experimentation with introducing contrasting flavours and textures to make a drink ‘pop’. In the coming weeks, I’ll be adding more posts about particular drinks, so you can sit back, relax and sip my creations in your home.

But for now, I’ll bid you adieu and get on with one of my personal favourites.