Brews Brothers Wooloongabba

Imagine a world where a friendly brewmaster will brew any variety of beer you like just for you, and you can give him a hand brewing it.

A world where your custom-made beer costs half the price that craft beer costs you in the shops.

Many Brisbanites are already aware that such a world exists in the guise of Brews Brothers in East Brisbane. I’m constantly surprised at the amount of people who’ve never heard of the Brews Brothers service though.

For the last few months I have been embracing the Brews Brothers concept and enjoying every moment of it.

The process starts when you wander down to their ‘shed’ in East Brisbane, and enjoy a friendly greeting from Mike, the owner of Brews Brothers, or one of their courteous staff. You’re then welcome to peruse their massive range of 225 brews – each matched to a well-known brew so you know what to expect. Examples are Victory Bitter (VB) St Ella (Stella) and Carl’s Lager (Carlsberg). There’s also plenty of copies of much better beers than those just listed, and a few special ‘in-house’ brews. A lot of the varieties are bottled and chilled in the fridge for you to sample before you decide.

Unlike your local bottle shop, you’re not going to walk out of Brews Brothers with a carton. You’re committing to a keg of beer, or roughly 6 cartons of beer. Depending on which style you buy, this costs between $140 and $180. While more of an investment than a single carton, you are actually getting incredible value. For the premium ($180) range – which I heartily recommend – you are looking at a per-carton cost of $30. That’s the same price as a shitty carton of megaswill, and believe me, the final product at Brews Brothers is anything but shitty.

Once you’ve decided which brew you like, it’s up to you how involved you’d like to be with the brewing process. Mike or one of the staff will walk you through every step, or you can just pay your money and come back when its ready, which is anywhere from two to four weeks, depending on the quality and strength of the brew.

After you beer is finished brewing, the real fun begins. If you like, you can take the whole keg home – they have taps and gas you can hire if you’d like to have a proper keg party. But if you want to enjoy your brew over a period of time, you can bottle the whole keg up yourself. Obviously you have to collect 6 cartons worth of bottles to bring in, which isn’t too much of a challenge for beer lovers.

On bottling day, you firstly wash and sterilise your bottles, then rack them on the ‘christmas tree’ to dry. The Brews Brothers crew tap your keg next to a bottling bench, where you fill your bottles one by one, then cap them with a bottle capper.

The team at Brews Brothers supply you with glasses and encourage you to enjoy as many beers as you like while you’re bottling. Of course, if you drive down there to do your bottling, drink responsibly!

And so ends the bottling at Brews Brothers. Now you’re free to go home and enjoy your brew! Before you leave, make sure you order your next keg :)

Sound like your kind of thing? Then head on down and say hello to the Brews Brothers team!